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Regular hair loss is common in individuals of all ages, but for some, it can be excessive. Losing a lot of hair can make you really self-conscious about your appearance. In many cases, it can also cause your confidence to dwindle, thereby affecting your social life and happiness. If you’ve tried a variety of remedies for hair loss recovery with no relief, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy could be the solution you need.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma?
Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP therapy is a treatment that uses your own blood. The blood is carefully drawn from the arm by our doctor or nurse and spun in a special centrifuge at a specific RPM (revolutions per minute). This process is done to carefully harvest the golden serum derived from your blood. This serum is called plasma. Plasma is the yellow liquid component of your blood and constitutes 55% of the total blood volume. It is rich in growth factors, hormones, oxygen, and proteins. Platelets are a component of blood, along with red and white blood cells. When a person sustains a cut or wound, the platelets are some of the body’s “first responders” that arrive to stop the bleeding and promote healing.

At VIP MEDSPA, we usually apply our own special blend of numbing cream to the scalp to keep you comfortable during the procedure. The plasma-derived from your blood will then be injected into your scalp with tiny needles by one of our medical professionals. The entire process takes about an hour, and several sessions may be necessary to ensure it’s effective. After receiving the PRP treatment, you can return to their regular activities without any limitations. This makes it a great choice compared to other medical hair recovery techniques.

The purpose of PRP
PRP is used in the treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia or male pattern baldness. It’s is also used to treat female hormonal hair loss. At VIP MEDSPA, we use PRP to treat thinning hair and also use it to treat thinning brows, beards, etc. Due to the healing and restorative properties of plasma, it can also be used to treat pigments, hyper-pigmentation, and hypo-pigmentation on the face or body. It can even be used for anti-aging, joint care, etc. PRP has been used for decades to treat athletes for sports injuries. When combined with micro-needling, it is also used to treat stretch marks and scarring.

While PRP has been known to deliver incredible results, it is not a cure for conditions that cause hair loss. Patients are required to receive multiple PRP treatments over time to maintain hair growth results. Dr. Seegobin, a medical doctor and the medical director at VIP MEDSPA may recommend some medications to help with your Hair Restoration treatment.

The number of treatments Dr. Seegobin recommends will depend on your condition and the results of your initial treatment. At VIP MEDSPA, we may advise patients to take maintenance injections every six months after their hair loss is under control to avoid significant hair loss.

The benefits of the PRP treatment for your hair
1. PRP reduces hair loss and increases the diameter of hairs and the density of hair growth.

2. PRP can be used by anyone with mild to moderate hair loss.

3. PRP consists of your own blood components. We like to refer to it as pure and organic, as it’s your body’s own product. Therefore, there are few risks of a reaction to the solution itself.

The challenges of the PRP treatment
While PRP is a natural product, patients undergoing this treatment for hair loss may experience the following side effects:

1. Mild pain at the injection site

2. Scalp tenderness

3. A headache (in very rare cases)

4. Itchy scalp for a few hours right after treatment

5. Temporary bleeding at the injection site

What questions should you ask?
When getting the PRP treatment for the very first time, you will have to ask the doctor or medical practitioner a few questions. That way, you are aware of the process and what’s required. Some questions to ask are:

a. Who will be drawing the blood and performing the treatment?
Usually, we have a certified doctor take care of this for the purpose of accuracy and safety.

b. What type of syringe is used to separate the platelets?
Asking this question is vital because the best results are derived from the type of syringe and injection technique used.

c. What does this procedure cost?
PRP is usually sold in packages of four or six. But one treatment starts at $550.00. The pricing of the treatment depends on the area being treated, along with other factors. At the time of treatment, patients will be advised on the benefits of supplement injections with vitamin shots for the hair. These will be an additional charge.

Steps to get the most out of PRP therapy
Whether a patient is trying to prevent hair loss or encourage more hair growth, we usually recommend that they follow a healthy diet and lifestyle during their PRP treatment. This will give them the best results possible. Our skincare specialist usually recommends the following:

1. Eat more protein
Hair loss can arise due to a protein deficiency as the body needs protein to grow new hair. Some examples of healthful dietary protein sources include:

a. Beans

b. Eggs

c. Fish

d. Nuts

e. Lean meats

f. Seeds

2. Increase iron intake
Iron is another nutrient the body requires to grow healthy hair. Some dietary iron sources include:

a. Clams

b. Lentils

c. Oysters

d. Pumpkin seeds

e. Spinach

f. White beans

g. Lean beef

h. Turkey

Vegetarians will have iron requirements as high as 1.8 times those of people who do eat meat. This is because the body does not absorb non-animal sources of iron as effectively.

3. Get scalp massages
We usually recommended patients get regular scalp massages using essential oils such as Cedar, Tulsi, Lavender, and Thyme. These oils should be mixed with carrier oils such as coconut oil, almond oil, or olive oil. Gently massage the scalp in a circular motion to stimulate blood circulation to the area while performing the massage.

4. Scalp exfoliation
We also recommend regular scalp exfoliation using our Hydra facial keravive treatment. This helps to get rid of dead skin cells. When dead skin cells accumulate, they prevent product penetration through the scalp.

5. Eat well and avoid stress
Eating a nutritious diet and keeping stress levels low can equally help prevent hair loss and encourage hair growth.

6. Show up to your PRP sessions
Make sure you show up for your sessions if they are booked every four or six weeks. Also, drink a lot of water before the session (as well as afterwards) and drink less coffee forty-eight hours before your treatment.

In addition to these steps, other ways to encourage hair growth include not using hair accessories that can cause hair breakage, such as hairpins, clips, and rubber bands. Try to avoid styling products that can damage and break the hair, such as blow-dryers set to high heat, straightening irons, and curling irons. Limit the use of bleach, relaxers, and hair dyes as well. Excessive shampooing or hair brushing can also cause hair loss, especially brushing the hair when it’s wet. For less hair breakage and removal, avoid plastic and rubber hair ties. Treating the hair as gently as possible can help preserve the hair and minimize the rate of hair loss.

If you’d like to learn more about hair loss prevention and PRP therapy, reach out to VIP MEDSPA today! We are a medical spa in Georgetown and Vaughan, ON. We take medspa to a whole new level by combining the latest technology in medicine, aesthetics, and beauty with luxurious care. Our highly trained team of medical professionals prescribe and administer the treatments with the utmost care and ensure that you are comfortable throughout the process. We also make sure that you are well aware of the steps you need to take to ensure this treatment is effective.

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